Shannon Carter

[Your Organization] was wonderful with my mother. The caregiver’s sunny personality brightened up Mom’s day. And they were so patient with Mom’s dementia. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Jim Banta

The hospital gave us very little notice that they were going to discharge Dad home. We weren’t ready at all. But [Your Organization] jumped right in. They understood his needs following surgery which allowed my sister and I to go back to work knowing Dad was well-cared for.

Maria Fuentes

My dad was in the service. [Your Organization] was able to work with the VA to help us get him Aid and Attendance benefits. Thank goodness they knew what to do. Now the VA is paying for his home care.

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Note from Bank Trust Officer

What I love about [Your Organization] is that you handle everything. If a caregiver is sick or can’t come in, you are on it with a replacement. I don’t get calls any more that a caregiver didn’t show up. This is a huge relief for me.

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Thank you from long distance daughter

I just want you to know how much it means to be to have you taking care of Mom. It’s hard living so far away. But I rest easier knowing your team is there taking care of her. Thank you for all you do, for both of us!

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