For healthcare providers

We understand the challenges of caring for the elderly. From multiple comorbidities to polypharmacy and dementia, you have a lot to juggle. And so do the families of your patients. Sometimes it’s just too much to manage on their own.

Refer a patient to us when

  • family lives far away.
  • relatives are unable to provide the care that is needed. (For example, if a spouse has health problems as well. Or the adult children are working. Or tension or estrangement are part of the family dynamic.)
  • an understanding of dementia is required to keep the patient safe while also promoting appropriate stimulation and quality of life.
  • conditions call for special oversight (e.g., daily weight and blood pressure checks to catch a possible problem brewing).
  • you worry that a readmission is likely due to a home situation ill equipped to handle the needs of a newly discharged patient.

If your patient needs excellent in-home care, please give us a call at [Your Phone Number].